Monday 15 July 2013

Pluck Lake Sunday night

Dave Morris from Buckinghamshire and myself spent 3 hours or so at Pluck Lake, Swansea last night.
Around 80 species, including Scarce Burnished Brass and Beautiful Snout but particularly 2 tortricidae we were unable to identify, in spite of them both looking distinctive. Suggestions very welcome!
Mystery 1. 7 mm long

Mystery 2. 10 mm long


  1. First one looks like an odd looking Epinotia cruciana
    Second one looks familiar, but can't place it?

  2. The other one is Ptycholomoides aeriferanus.

  3. Must have posted the same time!

  4. That's very quick, and very perceptive! Many thanks. Sterling's distribution map does not show aeriferanus in Glamorgan but I see it was first recorded in Crymlyn Bog in 1997.