Wednesday 24 July 2013


The only new Garden Record (GR) was that of 2 stunning male Large Marsh Horseflies (Tabanus autumnalis). Of the 95 moth species recorded those of note were Argolamprotes micella [Nb] 1 (3rd GR), Mirificarma mulinella 1 (surprisingly only the 2nd GR), Oegoconia quadripuncta 1, Blue-bordered Carpet 1 (2nd GR), Crescent Dart 1 (5th GR), Double Line [Nb] 1 (60th GR), Dingy Shears 2, Beautiful Hook-tip 1 (2nd GR) and Beautiful Snout 1 (2nd GR). No migrants!
I may not have time to photograph this wonderful fly, but I have posted shots before here


  1. 63 species in Llandaff North with Lobesia abscisana new for the garden. Migrants comprised 2 Silver Y and 4 Diamond-backs. No Least Carpet sadly!


  2. The only Migrants I had were a couple of Silver Ys. I've not counted the species yet, but I don't think I got many more than 50. Mompha langiella and August Thorn were the most interesting for me.

  3. Just two Diamond-backs were my only migrants. The first Small Ranunculus for the year & E. flammealis were the highlights @ Roath.

  4. A few Silver Y in a variety of colours and sizes here and 8 or so Diamond-back moths but nothing more exciting than that for the migrants. 84 id'd species and the ones in the fridge will probably take the total nearer 90 by the time I have been through them. 4 new for the garden; White Plume, Timothy Tortrix, Apodia bifractella and Donacaula forficella. The latter two look like they are relatively uncommon.

    Also surprised to see a few Antler moths in the trap, which I had always thought were more of an upland species...?