Tuesday 16 July 2013

Port Eynon Garden Moths

First, thanks to Chris for showing me the moths of Swansea on Sunday night. Loads of lifers for a visiting moth-er!

The trap (this time with an actinic bulb) was still out at Port Eynon, and the highlights from Sunday night and last night, for me at least, were;

Lime Speck Pug,  Rosy Minor, Sharp Angled Peacock, Wax Moth, Barred Yellow, Crescent Plume, White Line Dart, Rivulet, Rosy Footman, Crescent Dart, Broom Moth and Wormwood Pug.

And a Garden Tiger, which I always used to see when holidaying in Gower as a child, but hardly ever come across these days; in fact this was the first I've personally caught.

I'll try and post some pics later when I can find my card reader...

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