Friday 19 July 2013

Rhoose Point

89 species here last night which is the highest total for the garden.  Acleris forskaleana, Phoenix and the Syncopacma I mentioned below all new for the garden record.  Also nice to see a couple of Garden Tigers and more Scarlet Tigers as I have not seen either species here before this season.  They are obviously enjoying the heat!



Any thoughts on what this might be?  Possibly an Acrobasis?

This is from a couple of nights ago.  I have chalked it down as Aethes francillana rather than beatricella.  If anyone disagrees do let me know!


  1. The pyralid looks like a darkish Phycita roborella.

    Aethes looks good for francillana but it's not a species I've seen so best get a second opinion on that one.

    I've had two Syncopacma in the garden recently, which I'm saving for dissection. You can check the underside of the forewing to see if it's taeniolella (which has a white fascia). If no fascia on underside of forewing it could be larseniella or cinctella and would need dissecting.


  2. Thanks George! That's 90 species and another new one for the garden. I don't think Barry's 700 is at risk just yet though...