Monday 15 July 2013

Still notching them up in Gorseinon

Not counted but ~120 species in the garden trap last night. Quite astonishing that even though we’ve now broken 700 species in the garden that we should have 4 new ones in one night, including one macro in the form of Waved Carpet, no doubt a wanderer from a not too distant woodland. The new micros were Metzneria lappella 1 (needs checking but looks good), Aethes rubigana 1 and Crambus pratella 1. Other interesting captures included Pearl-band Grass Veneer 1, Meal Moth 2, Round-winged Muslin 2, Dog's Tooth 1, Double Line 7, Small Rufous 2, Oak Nycteoline 1, Dark Spectacle 3, Marsh Oblique-barred 1 and Orange Ladybird 2. Like others a lot of caddis last night; I’ve not looked at them critically yet but looks mostly to be Leptocerus tineiformis c500. Even with just estimating (rather than counting) numbers, this morning’s session (emptying trap>id’ing specs>entering data) took from 0500-0900hrs. Two sessions a week is about as much as I can fit in at present; wish it was more as conditions are so good at present.
Aethes rubigana
Crambus pratella
Waved Carpet


  1. Unfortunately not M. lappella, but Monochroa lucidella, still three new ones isn't bad!

  2. Great catch Barry! I know what you mean about having to limit the amount of trapping - seems a shame when the weather's like this but there's only so long you can go without sleep...


  3. Well done on passing 700 Barry. Some great catches in Glam recently.