Saturday 20 July 2013

Last Report from Port Eynon...

...until next year.

Two final sessions in a Port Eynon garden added a few new species to my week's list, the best (mostly first for year or lifers) species for me being Yellow Tail, Herald, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Purple Bar, Chinese Character, Sandy Carpet, Pretty Chalk Carpet, July Belle, Yellow Shell, Marbled Beauty, Lozotaeniodes formosanus and Ypsolopha sequella (I pick the last two as they were visually stunning; once I've sorted all my lists, I'm sure there were plenty more...)

I'll try and post some pics at some point.

I would also like to thank Chris, Barry, David, Mike & Paul for welcoming an out-of-town moth'er and allowing me to tag along to sessions and considerably increase my life list :)


  1. Good to meet you Dave - you've had some cracking weather and some good moths to boot. I assume you'll pass your records on to our esteemed county recorder Dave Slade ( Look forward to seeing you next time...

  2. It was good to meet you Dave, hopefully you will bring similar weather back with you next time!

  3. Well, the we had the only decent week of weather last summer when we were down, so you never know!

    Records will of course go to Mr Slade once I get round to collating and sorting into Mapmate... :)

  4. Yes, thanks Dave, I look forward to the records (my MapMate cuk is 5w3).