Saturday 6 July 2013

Out of and In the County

A week ago, Mike Hogan and I trapped on some fantastic ancient hay meadows, near Penderyn, just over the border, in VC42. We ran three traps all night and recorded around 80 species, including Cryptoblabes bistriga (3rd county record), Blomer's Rivulet and Bordered Sallow (new for the county), so a good time was had. The meadows support Greater Butterfly Orchids and while photographing them I noticed they were scented. Later in the night, we observed Silver Y moths visiting the flowers.
Yesterday, I got the chance to visit the meadows again, to photograph the orchids in daylight and was delighted to find this one with its nocturnal visitor still present.

Greater Butterfly Orchid and Silver Y

Last night, I ran my skinner trap all night, on the hillside above Abernant and recorded 86 species, the highlights being 16 Double Line and 8 Double Dart.

Double Dart

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