Sunday 21 July 2013

Least Carpet at Mumbles

Owain Gabb trapped this Least Carpet (Idaea rusticata) at his home in Mumbles last night, which I believe is a new vice-county record. The only other Welsh records appear to be a couple of Pembs records. It will be interesting to discover if this is the start colonisation or just a wanderer that has arrived on the easterly air flow?
(c) Owain Gabb


  1. Ba, I seem to recall that Sian Musgrove at the Mayhouse recorded this species but it was pended at the 2004/05 review for the MofG. No MM record exists however.

    1. PS. We should go back to Sian and ask for the date[s] - (I cannot find it in my notes) because in light of Owain's record with photo, Sian's now should be the first VC41 record. This species is obviously on Gower in extremely low density.

  2. Not necessarily Jake, it is a species that has been spreading in recent years. I vaguely recall it being trapped in VC35 a few years ago, but that may be a false memory.

  3. Just found the Gwent record - 1991 at Wyndcliff, so not that recent!

  4. Dave I cannot find any trace of 1699 in our review notes but I seem to recall we did speak about it, in view of the Gower records, we should contact Sian and ask her for the date[s] of her record[s], even if they could remain on the pended list.

  5. I think there might have been at least one other VC35 in Newport from memory. The Pembs records might need to be taken with a pinch of salt, as the VC45 dataset is far from clean!

    Sam B